Emmerdale, Casualty, my feet are getting better!!


Good afternoon all! The sun is shining in Wolverhampton today. The back garden looks glorious and my rhododendron is a sight to behold! I also have beautiful solar lights in the front garden - thanks Mom! - which are getting the slow drive by treatment from the neighbours. We set the pace!


In other news, this month has been fantastic work wise: I got a straight offer on a role in Emmerdale which I filmed a couple of weeks ago. The lovely Jane Ashmore who directed me in EastEnders recommended me for the part and it was great to know that someone outside of my agent and family has huge faith in my ability. Thanks Jane! I'm currently learning lines for a juicy part in Casualty. It films in Cardiff near the Wales Millennium Centre - You may remember my blogs from The Color Purple tour - which is a gorgeous part of the world and it'll be nice to be back. Mom's got everything crossed that I'll land a TV regular soon but I'm just happy to be playing so many varied roles! Emmerdale will be on on the 27th of May but I'm not sure when Casualty will air. Naturally, you won't miss me so tune in in a few weeks' time to see what I've been up to.


I've had bad feet of late as I ruined them playing Dr Watson in Sherlock Holmes and The Poison Wood but I've been doing my physio exercises like a woman possessed so they're getting better. Slowly but surely. Who knew hanging your heels off the edge of the bottom step could be so enjoyable?! Bubs and I are a branching into other income streams which I'll tell you about at a later date. Our brains are full of immensely useful information which will, in the very near future, help us to live more comfortable lives. Until then, I have lines to learn and a chicken to season. Have a lovely day in the sunshine and I'll write soon! Mxxx

Photo by Chris Denner (Artisan X Photography)
Photo by Chris Denner (Artisan X Photography)

We got married!! The Break, EastEnders, Doctors, Sherlock Holmes! 


Hi everyone! It's December the 12th and I'm coming to you from my very festive living room. It's 11:58am and we already have the Christmas tree lights on because I'm 5. So much has happened in the last few months, it's been crazy but brilliant! So, Darren and I got married! Woohoo! I am now Mrs Ashford but I haven't gotten round to officially changing my name yet. Our honeymoon to Thailand was booked under my maiden name then I had a couple of ads abroad in the offing so couldn't risk sending my passport away to be amended. Once I start rehearsals for Sherlock Holmes & The Poison Wood, I won't be leaving the country for a bit so can sort it out then. I'll be playing Dr. Watson so that'll be fun! The wedding was beautiful. It absolutely tipped it down the entire day before and on the morning of the wedding but, amazingly, the weather broke right as the ceremony started and it was completely dry. A little windy but dry. If it wasn't for the wind, we wouldn't have been able to capture the incredible photo by the incomparable Chris Denner above. He's so good, I wanted to cry! I'll post a few more pics - or I'll write a blog - so you can see a bit more of the day! 

    My agent, Chloe, is just phenomenal. I've never had an agent work so hard for me in my life and we're going to do great things together. She's hilarious too and, as you know, I'm a boob so we work well together. Whilst we were on honeymoon, I did a couple of self tapes and, happily, was offered a role in EastEnders. I can't say much about it until it airs early next year but my character is so funny! I did a couple of days at Elstree and the cast and crew were just so lovely to work with, it'd be great to go back. A few days after that, I was offered my third and final role in Doctors. The show's now been cancelled so I'm glad I got to work with the crew - many of whom worked on The Break with me one more time. I'll miss driving over to the Drama Village and hope that the freelancers find new, secure jobs and that the funding that would've been used on Doctors goes towards producing Midlands based content with Midlands based (or with strong links to the Midlands) cast and crew. We have so much to offer and it's a shame that we so often get overlooked. I wish you all luck in your future endeavours.

   My episode of The Break is now available to watch on BBC iPlayer. It's called "Loved" and is Episode 3 of Series 6. It was strange to go to my Mom's house and see me all lined up in her watch list alongside an André Rieu Christmas concert, of course! We're getting there my friends. Slowly but surely. My Spotlight CV is looking healthy, I have new hair - thanks Denise of Speechlezz Hair - , I'm Mrs Ashford and am, generally, very jolly. Onwards and upwards. I have to go and think about sprouts, practice piano and listen to my Sherlock songs ahead of rehearsals. I hope you're enjoying the festive season so far and I'll write again soon. much love, Mxxx

Aldi Caterpillar Cake, The Break, School Talk, New Agent!


Hello one and all! I hope this finds you well. News, news, news.... As you can see from the photo, I'm part of the, now viral, Aldi Caterpillar Cake advertising campaign. I was representing Sainsbury's "Wiggles" cake and we had the most fantastic time. My years of being a completely ridiculous person are starting to pay off! We had a great time on set with the loveliest cast and crew and I have my fingers crossed that they make it into a series as surely the onesies deserve another outing!?!


A week to the day after filming the Aldi ad, I filmed a short film for the BBC's "The Break" series. It was a straight offer job, it was great to be working in The Midlands again and it was just me talking to the camera all day. It was interesting not having another actor to bounce off and I learnt quite a bit about working with mirrors so it was a challenging and rewarding day. The films will be available to watch in the coming weeks but you can watch previous episodes on BBC iPlayer.


After playing Celie in The Color Purple, I was approached by a few learning institutions to come and speak about my career in the entertainment industry. One of the schools was my former high school, Wolverhampton Grammar School. I had a brilliant time talking to the students about the steps they can take in order to get a foothold in the industry and they asked some really intelligent questions. Darren took photos, as ever, and it was a fun afternoon. If you're looking for a speaker for your next event, feel free to get in touch via the Contact page.


And...finally... I have a new agent! Woohoo! I am now represented by the amazing, Chloe Oxbury at Narrow Road. I've only been with her a few months but have had so many doors opened for me, it's great! Onwards and upwards from here, my friends! For all acting enquiries, feel free to contact Chloe directly. Her details are on my Acting and Contact pages.


Aside from that, it's 2 months until Darren and I get married and I have to learn to be sensible..... As if! I've probably forgotten loads but it'll be fine!! I'll keep you posted re news and updates. Until then, take care, Mxxx  

The Color Purple UK Tour!!

Well, ladies and gents, The Color Purple UK Tour has come to a close. It was a joy and an honour to play the role of Miss Celie Harris to audiences across the country every night! We were so well received by the 7 venues we played and it was lovely to receive all of the wonderful messages from audience members saying how much they loved the production. Thank you everyone! The reviews continued to be fantastic and I'm so glad that many of you thought I'd brought one of your favourite characters in one of your favourite books to life on stage. I just hope I did Celie and anyone who's been through anything that she's been through justice. I will miss the brilliant cast and crew but, for now, I'm nursing my impacted wisdom tooth, my migraines and the cut on my knee - sustained during my terribly dramatic falls to the ground during "Lily of the Field" - which, randomly, looks like Wilson from Cast Away. *Name drop - I worked with director, Robert Zemeckis, on The Witches. Oooohh!!*. It's nice to be home, have a rest and start working on my next project. There is a bit of lovely footage of me singing "I'm Here" from one of the shows on YouTube and don't forget to check out the production photos on my Acting page. Thanks so much to everyone who came to watch and for your support. I really do appreciate it and I'l see you on the next one! Much love, Mxxx

Photo by Ellie Kurttz
Photo by Ellie Kurttz

The Color Purple!

Hi all! I'm currently playing the lead role of "Celie" on The UK Tour of Alice Walker's, "The Color Purple"! It's such a wonderful story and such an amazing part and I'm really happy to be doing it. We rehearsed in Birmingham at The Hippodrome where we played for a week with the most engrossed, vocal and inspiring audiences ever! We also received spectacular reviews across the board so that has spurred us onwards and upwards towards our next venue which is the Theatre Royal in Plymouth. We're currently on a week off to recharge our batteries, get a few life things out of the way then head off on the road. It's all a bit of a whirlwind but I'll try my best to keep you posted. Just to let you know that I will only be performing at evening shows from now on as I have an alternate and, if you're passing by stage door and fancy saying hi, feel free! We look forward to seeing you there! Sending loads of love, Mxxx 


For tour dates follow the link! -

Photo by The Round Pixel
Photo by The Round Pixel

It's 2022!! How did we get there??

Good day everyone! I'm writing to you from the kitchen with the springtime birds chirping away in the back garden. It's lovely! I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and New Year. We had a great time with friends and family and I hope you did too. Lots has happened since I last wrote: I just got back from my first cruise as a guest entertainer on the MSC Lirica. It was much fun. I met some really nice people, was signing autographs and having my picture taken with audience members who were so appreciative of my performance, it was a dream! I also got to practice my Italian as MSC is run by an Italian family and a large number of the staff are from Italy. I couldn't let my Mom or Miss Johnson (my former Italian teacher) down so I thought I'd get in there. I was understood so that's the main thing! I did document my entire trip from Birmingham airport through to Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Israel and home again so I'll try to make that into a mini series on YouTube so you can follow my adventures. Quick disclaimer: Scorsese I am not so be patient with my terrible filming! I tried my best! I'm booked on the same ship in a couple of weeks for a slightly shorter stint so, now that I've gotten my first voyage out of the way, fingers crossed, it'll be plain sailing. No pun intended. I'll keep you posted!


The wedding planning's going well: We've booked the registrar, the venue, the caterers, the photographer, the videographer and a bit of entertainment for guests while we're having post ceremony photos so we're not doing too badly. Bonus of bonuses; we also get a free engagement shoot which we didn't know about so that's brilliant! Now, what to do with my hair!? Anyway, aside from my rib head popping out and being in terrible pain for weeks until my chiropractor, Dominic put it back into its rightful place, we're all fine. I have a new acting agent - Claire Hoath at Claire Hoath Management so, if you're reading this and thinking of booking me for your next movie, contact Claire and Gigi, her assistant, they're lovely people. I think that's all for now. Don't forget to keep watching the BBC and the Drama channel if you have it as my episode of Shakespeare and Hathaway has proven to be very popular and is shown on a regular basis. Have a great week and, as ever, if you have any questions or just want to say hi, feel free to get in touch via the contact form. I'll wrote soon! Much love, Mxxx 

As Cecilia Kotak in "Doctors".
As Cecilia Kotak in "Doctors".

September/October 2021

Doctors, Bette Midler and Me!, The Neil Diamond Experience, my birthday!

Good afternoon everyone! I'm writing to you and learning lines as I'll be appearing with the amazing, Sue Kelvin, (Wicked, Les Mis, Chicago, Oliver....) in her show "Bette Midler...And Me" at The Crazy Coqs in London at the end of the month. Sue and I met whilst working on Caroline, or Change together - She actually recognised me from "Location, Location, Location" - and we've been friends ever since. It's a fantastic story of how Bette's unique style and maverick approach to her career inspired Sue to forge one of her own and it's a pleasure to be a part of it. We are doing 3 dates from the 22nd of October until the 24th and tickets are on sale now! We hope to see you there! In other news, I was on TV again! Woohoo! I made my second appearance on the BBC's "Doctors" and was playing a TV presenter called Cecilia Kotak. I got to work alongside TV greats such as Kim Wall and Alison Egan and, as ever, make some new friends! It was a 2 parter entitled "Booty Or Bust" and the episodes are available to watch on BBC iPlayer. My outfit's pretty wacky and I hope you enjoy it! I also had the joy of doing my first live gig since we've come out of lockdown. It was a reader so I had to delve deep into my sight singing lessons from Vocaltech and really do my homework. It was a Neil Diamond tribute act headed up by a lovely guy called Dominic Kaye and MDd by Ted Higgins. What a beautiful group of people! I've never been so welcomed onto a gig in my life - except for when I first met Phil Manzanera at Roxy rehearsals and he hugged me into oblivion - and we all had a brilliant time! Reading on a live gig is fun. I kind of liked the seat of the pants feeling whilst trying to blend and play percussion. My feet were killing me for an entire week afterwards but it was totally worth it! It was my birthday in September. As you know, I share it with Bruce Springsteen, Ray Charles and Floella Benjamin! Classics! I had such a wonderful time! We went out for dinner, had cake, went bowling, lit lanterns, we're going on a hot air balloon ride and I have a spa break booked. The word "spoilt" springs to mind. Hehe! My balloons are still up, we have "Happy Birthday" confetti strewn around the house and banners everywhere so I'm happy! Aside from that, Darren and I are engaged! Woohoo! So, now, I have to get more jobs so that I can pay for the wedding. You KNOW it won't be a modest affair so I'd better get out there! That designer dress won't pay for itself! Anyway, I hope to see you at The Crazy Coqs, let me know what you think of Doctors and I'll write soon! Much love, Mxxx ps Don't forget to check our my updated Spotlight showreel. She's getting chunky!! xxx   

2021!! Session Stories!

Good afternoon everyone and Happy 2021!! I hope you're all keeping safe and well. Darren and I have tried to stay creative during lockdown and, after the success of "Countdown To Christmas!", I thought I'd share my session singing journey with you all. The series is called "SESSION STORIES" and the videos are now live on my site with their own dedicated page so head on over to check out my stories and advice on how to stay fit and healthy on the road. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message via the Contact page and I'll get back to you ASAP! If you're a newsletter subscriber, you'll also have access to exclusive, behind the scenes footage as a thank you for signing up. I hope you enjoy the series and, until next time, Happy Singing!! xXx

December 2020

Countdown To Christmas, Arm Knitting, Playwriting...

Good afternoon everyone! It's a bit of a rainy day here in Wolverhampton but we're still feeling festive in our house: We have a wreath on the door, the decorations are up - The paper ones are finally sticking to the ceiling! - and there are mince pies in the kitchen cupboard! Darren and I decided to film a series of songs called "Countdown To Christmas" which I've been posting on social media for the last five days. I've also created a new page here so that you can view them at your leisure. I hope you enjoy them! In other festive news, I've learnt how to arm knit. I made a blanket in the most beautiful fuchsia colour with wool from the lovely, Jo at Colourful Passions. It turned out really well but my arms are killing me now. I can't post a picture a it's a Christmas gift but once it's been received, I'll be sure to upload a shot or two. In other news, I've written a play called "Home From Home" and am planning to record it with a small group of actors in the new year. It's set in Wolverhampton, features a lot of Jamaican Patois and deals with both age-old and current cultural issues in the UK. Casting has begun and, hopefully, we'll be up and running with online rehearsals in the near future. I don't like to sit still! Speaking of that, I have to knit Darren a scarf. His studio gets a bit chilly so I'm making him a nice, thick, wool scarf to keep him warm whilst paradiddling and such! Have a good day, enjoy Countdown To Christmas and I'll write soon! Much love, Mxxx

October 2020

Vocal Productions Ltd, Screenwriting, The Witches 2020, Covid Safe Live Stream, Keto Diet...

Hello everyone. I hope this finds you well. Lots has happened since I last wrote. I'm a business owner now. I decided to set up my own TV and film production company so that our screens and backstage areas can actually represent the true demographic of the nation. The company is called Vocal Productions Ltd and I plan to bring you excellent programmes through inclusivity and diversity. "Maybe Today" will be the first programme we air and I'm in the midst of gathering angels to help fund the project. The company is brand new and it's completely unknown territory for me but I've built a great team and I'm sure we'll be a success. As you know, Danny Kirrane's on board to play a regular, "Tufty" and, touch wood, filming will commence in the very near future. It's tricky for independents at the moment as there's the classic "better the devil you know" vibe going round the industry and the story I've written doesn't bear the negative stereotypes of black people that are perpetuated in mainstream media so it's a bit of a head scratcher for some studio execs but we'll get there! We must stay positive! Screenwriting's going well. I've been in chats with MetFilms and have written a few shorts and I'm still writing episodes of "Maybe Today". It's fun but, sometimes, my hands don't move as quickly as the ideas pop into my head and I get a bit frustrated but it's all a learning curve. I'm hoping to have my fourth short, "Gig day" finished by the end of this month. No pressure!! 


In other news, I'll be making my Hollywood movie debut in "The Witches" at the end of this month. Sadly, the film won't go to cinemas but it'll stream on HBOMax in The States and then will branch out to other territories at a later date. Its release is eagerly anticipated and the cast is full of A Listers including myself.... so I'm sure it'll be a hit!


I've been doing the Keto diet over the last couple of months. Darren bought me Robb Wolf's program. It's very thorough and easy to understand so I like! I'm doing the 5:2 version so my body resets at the weekends and it's amazing! I had a horrible headache in the first week and really wanted a mango juice mixed with lemonade but once that craving subsided, I've been doing really well. I bought an exercise bike - it comes with an app so you can cycle through the Swiss Alps or along Route 66 - and the resistance has made a huge difference! I won't trim down too much as I don't want to go back to the lollipop head years but I'm happy with my progress and meals are more interesting. I'll post pictures another time.


I was recently part of a socially distanced live stream performance of "Romantics Anonymous" from Bristol Old Vic. We had to isolate for 3 weeks, take Covid tests and antibody tests and not see anyone but our fixed team but we made it through to the end and no one became ill so it was a triumph. I reprised my roles of Suzanne/Mimi but had a bit more fun and was much more inventive than the first time round so I'm happy. Over 10,600 tickets were sold which means around 20,000 people watched us perform over the week which is brilliant news for the theatre industry. Hopefully, it'll be back on its feet in the near future. 


I'm off to make a cup of tea and promote my new company! We've got to keep keeping on, my friends. Have a great week and I'll write again soon! Much love, Mxxx


*UPDATE - November 2020* The Witches MAY be heading to the cinema so you'll be able to watch my foolishness on the big screen! I'll keep you posted!! xXx

Darren and I at "The Witches" wrap party
Darren and I at "The Witches" wrap party

May 2020 

Covid 19 Lockdown...

Good afternoon everyone. I hope this news post finds you and your loved ones well and that you're coping during the lockdown. This is week 7 of the restrictions and I'm trying to use the time at home creatively. Obviously, I wasn't able to travel to America with Romantics Anonymous but, along with my amazing agent, am trying to remain positive and focus on the good things that will arise once we're on the other side of the pandemic.


Darren and I do yoga every day. We're now the most supple couple in show business. I learnt Transcendental Meditation whilst in The West End with Caroline, Or Change and am part of an online group that meditates together across our timezone twice a day. It's great and is really helping to keep me balanced. We've also been doing a spot of DIY and upcycling. Darren's still cracking on with the wardrobes although he's unable to get all of the materials he needs, I painted the handrail on the stairs in Farrow and Ball's "Elephant Breath" and turned an old set of bedside tables from pine shockers into chic fabulousness! I'll attach photos. I'm still writing my TV series and have had some great interest which is brilliant and am continuing to cross stitch the tree that I started in 2013 when I was in The Lion King. I'm going great guns and will post the finished product ASAP! Naturally, with social distancing measures in place, I'm unable to work but am keeping my chops up by watching masterclasses, making myself cry in the shower, visualising situations that could arise on set and looking back at old footage of myself to see where I can improve. I enjoy the learning process and can't wait to be back on set doing what I love.


Anyway, there's nothing you can come see me in at the moment (The Witches will be in cinemas on October the 16th!) but, if you like, check out some vintage footage of me with my band  or on stage session singing with Bryan Ferry et al. Heady days! I've added a few DIY, yoga, my nephew's socially distanced 9th birthday celebrations etc below. He had a lovely time, bless him. Right, I'm off to update my Spotlight CV. Have a good day, stay safe and I'll see you at a gig or on set soon! Onwards and upwards! Much love, Mxxx


As "Megan Poins" in BBC One's "Shakespeare & Hathaway".
As "Megan Poins" in BBC One's "Shakespeare & Hathaway".

2020 news!

Good day all! News........ I'm still going to America with Romantics Anonymous. I had to get up at 4am last week to head down to London for my Visa interview... Rock and roll. I got it but was completely delirious on the train back. The neighbourhood fox, "Foxy" - so inventive! - and I did have a lovely walk down to the train station together though so that was nice. Shakespeare and Hathaway aired on BBC One a couple of weeks ago. If you missed it, it'll be on Catch up for ages so no rush. My episode is called "How The Rogue Roar'd" and is the first episode of series 3. You'll get to see me in a different light so head over to iPlayer to see my mean face!  It was so fantastic to work alongside Mark Benton, Jo Joyner, Ted Robbins and Jim Moir who's better known as Vic Reeves. A group of lovely, talented people that I was honoured to share the screen with and I hope I get to do more again soon! Darren's a star and was able to capture the episode so that I could update my showreel - Check it out via my Spotlight link - and I was interviewed by Daz Hale and Samantha Meah on BBC WM the day after it aired to chat about the filming process. That was another early start as I was live on air just after 7am but needs, must! BBC WM Interview. In other news, I made a very nice strawberry cheesecake; I shocked myself and my screenwriting is going well. I have a production developer on board who loves the concept so, hopefully, you'll see my handiwork on your screens in the not too distant future! Today, I am looking for blonde, female actors who are funny and can sing. I don't ask much, do I? We'll get there! I hope this finds you all well and I'll write again soon! Mxxx

With Darren before filming "The Witches" at Warner Bros.
With Darren before filming "The Witches" at Warner Bros.

More 2019 news!



Shakespeare & Hathaway, Romantics Anonymous, screenwriting...

Hello everyone! I've recently been filming a TV series, Shakespeare & Hathaway, for the BBC. I play Megan Poins and she's such a great character. There are a few twists and turns storywise which make it really interesting so be sure to tune in to BBC One in early February 2020 to find out what happens. It was also brilliant to film so close to home - Stratford-Upon-Avon, Bedworth, Leamington Spa and represent The Midlands with my Yam Yam accent! I've also been offered the part of "Suzanne/Mimi" in Emma Rice's production of "Romantics Anonymous", which is nice. I didn't have to audition and my agent and I had a laugh about how insufferable I'm going to be in future; "She's offers only, darling! No auditions!". Anyway, we open at Bristol Old Vic in January for 2 weeks then head off to perform in The States from mid March. We go to L.A., Washington and Charleston and it should be much fun! In the meantime, I'm sorting out digs and have been getting into screenwriting. I have a couple of irons in fires and will keep you posted re my progress. I hope this finds you all well and I'll write again soon! Much love, Mxxx  

As Camilla Akuwudike in "Doctors".
As Camilla Akuwudike in "Doctors".

2019 News!


Doctors, Caroline, Or Change, Vocal coaching for ATG, PP Arnold, Angie Brown, The Birmingham Rep, Filming for Warner Bros.!!


Hello everyone! It's been a busy 2019 so far and my feet are killing me but for very good reasons. My episode of "Doctors" aired on  BBC One on February the 1st whilst I was resuming my role of "The Washing Machine" in the West End production of Caroline, Or Change. We had such wonderful responses from audiences and it was an honour to be part of the cast through from Chichester to Hampstead and then to The Playhouse Theatre on the Embankment. I also managed to squeeze in a bit of vocal coaching for one of the young boys who was playing Noah on the show which was nice. He started off a little shy but came on so much during our sessions together, I'm very proud. Work hard and you'll get results!


I then returned home to sunny Coseley, got back into baking: my Victoria Sponge is a delight and rested for a few weeks before heading down to London for a showcase gig and radio promo date doing BVs for PP Arnold. Paul Weller, The Specials and my mate, Louis Henderson from Hoodoo Pop (He's also TM for Chicane which is how I know him) all came down to support which was great. Then I was off to The Birmingham Rep to do an R&D for their new writers scheme. It was a play called "Blueprints" and was a brilliant experience as there was a lot of improv involved. The director, Jack MacMahon, was very open with great ideas and my fellow actor, Nathan Queeley Dennis was very giving so our time together was really easy and we got loads done. We only had 3/4 days between development and a performance for paying customers so time was of the essence but they seemed to enjoy what we did which is the main thing.


I then went down to the Warner Bros. studios to play a part in the remake of Roald Dahl's "The Witches". For my first film role, it was a fantastic experience: Everyone was so nice, the costumes were amazing, everyone was at the top of their game and it was the most relaxed, easy environment to work in. The film will be out in The UK on October the 16th 2020 so book your tickets to see me, Anne Hathaway, Octavia Spencer, Stanley Tucci, Chris Rock et al in action! I'm sure you'll love it. It's been such a varied month that I wasn't surprised when a gig with my mate, Angie Brown, came in. We sang BVs together for Heaven 17 and she was doing "An Evening With" type gig at The Jam House in Birmingham where she went down a storm. She's so good with an audience and they loved every second. I had fun too, met some lovely new people and am now sat watching Wimbledon in the sunshine! Apologies for not writing for a while: I've had internet issues and my brain's been a bit full but I'm back in the room now! I hope this finds you all well and to see you on a show, set or gig sometime soon! Mxxx

September 2018!


BBC Doctors


Hi everyone! I'm happy to say that I was recently cast in my first ever straight acting job on TV! I filmed at BBC studios in Birmingham and had such a great time with a brilliant cast and crew. I play a midwife and the storyline is very touching so be sure to tune in on February the 1st to see what happens! I was so nervous beforehand - I'm used to saying a few lines then bursting into song so was totally out of my comfort zone - but once I completed my first scene, it was all good and I fully enjoyed myself. Everyone at my agency, Belfield & Ward is amazing for doing all the hard work to get me in the room and this is definitely the first TV job of many. I will keep you posted! Mxxx 

As "Amiens" in "As You Like it", Regents Park Open Air Theatre
As "Amiens" in "As You Like it", Regents Park Open Air Theatre

More 2018!


As You Like It, Caroline, Or Change again!


Hello all. I'm writing to you from my sunny kitchen in Coseley. The roses are in full bloom and my lupins are making a comeback - Thanks to Mom, naturally! I'm back from just over 2 months working on Shakespeare's "As You Like It" at Regents Park Open Air Theatre. Beautiful theatre, amazing cast, I had such a lovely time. My feet didn't do well as we worked pretty long hours and all of my stage shoes were brand new so they were a bit close but it was totally worth it! I have a couple of months of rest then I'm back in London for Caroline, Or Change part 3!! It's done really well so we're going into The West End for a few months. Woohoo! It'll be fun as ever and I hope to see you there. Just have to book my digs... Ugh... Anyway, I hope you enjoyed Change Your Tune - I was so proud of all of my students AND I had a winner! Yay! - and I'll write again soon. Enjoy the sunshine! Mxxx Caroline, Or Change tickets.



Caroline, Or Change, Change Your Tune!


It's 2018 already! How did we get there? Anyway, Merry New Year to you all. I hope you're having a good one so far. I'm writing to you from my lovely digs in Archway, London as I'm currently in rehearsals to reprise my role as The Washing Machine in Caroline, Or Change at Hampstead Theatre. The first week's flown by and we start previews on the 12th of March. Not long to go now! We run until the end of April and should find out if the life of the show will continue a few weeks before we finish. Touch wood. Caroline, Or Change In other news, Change Your Tune (It's all about changing in this post isn't it?) starts on ITV on the 18th of March. It takes over from Dancing on Ice so your Sunday evening viewing is all sorted for the next few months. Mom's going to Sky+ it, naturally and it'll be great to see my babies doing their thing on the box. Follow the link for more info. Change Your Tune My costume for CorC is being blinged up as I type so I'll post a  photo of me looking all fabulous very soon and I'll definitely keep you posted on all the comings and goings. Once again, Happy New Year. I hope it's your best one yet and see you at a show very soon! Love, Mxxx Ps The lovely people at Stage Faves have given me my own fan page so feel free to check it out, like the page, share it with your friends and buy a cup with my name on it! I'm flattered and I blushed a little when I found out! Check it out here: Stage Faves Mx

October, November, December 2017


Change Your Tune for ITV!


I'm currently vocal coaching on a brand new singing show for ITV called "Change Your Tune". The show takes people who aren't brilliant singers, coaches them for a few weeks in preparation for performing in front of a live, studio audience and whoever improves the most wins a cash prize. Filming and VTs have already begun, we're a couple of weeks into the coaching sessions and the big reveals happen in December. I'm working with contestants in Birmingham and Sheffield from now until mid December so tune in to see how my babies do! You may even get a quick glimpse of me coaching! For more info on the premise, follow the link! Mxxx Change Your Tune

Flowers from my agent!
Flowers from my agent!

August,September 2017!


Desire Under The Elms, My Birthday!!


Hi everyone! I'm writing to you from my lovely coach house digs in sunny Nether Edge, Sheffield as I'm currently working at The Crucible Theatre in Eugene O'Neill's "Desire Under The Elms". It's a great piece with a wonderful cast and crew. Everyone is truly lovely and it's the happiest job I've ever worked on! We're 3 days into our 3 week run and it's going really well so far. It's a joy to be working alongside TV's Matthew Kelly as Ephraim Cabot and it turns out he has a strong connection to Wolverhampton which is lovely. Tickets are still available so visit Sheffield Crucible for more info and to book tickets!

  It was my birthday last week and I spent about 5 days raving it up... The bags under my eyes aren't pretty but they're totally worth it! I'm currently in negotiations re vocal coaching on a new primetime TV show which should be exciting. I have a couple of loose ends to tie up but will keep you posted re whether it comes off or not. Fingers crossed, touch wood, etc... I'm off for a steam and a bit of Alexander Technique and will write again soon! Love, Mxxx

As "The Washing Machine" in Caroline or Change. Photo by Marc Brenner
As "The Washing Machine" in Caroline or Change. Photo by Marc Brenner

April/May/June/July 2017


New agent, Voice Council Magazine, Caroline Or Change!


Hello everyone, I've been beyond lazy and haven't updated you on the comings and goings so, apologies! Caroline or Change was great fun and a huge hit with us playing to full houses every show. Everyone associated with the show was a joy to work with and it was a fantastic project to be part of. Naturally, I managed to injure my ankle (I made a lot of noise doing it too!) but it's healing nicely now. Hopefully, the show will move into London at some point as it's well deserved so fingers crossed!

In other news, I have a new agent! Woohoo!!! I know, I know, you've heard this before but this is it now. I'm with Belfield and Ward, they're truly lovely and I'm sure we'll make great things happen together. Whilst I was working on CorC, I was busy writing articles for Voice Council Magazine. The first of which was recently published and can be read here: Voice Council. It's called "Inside A Touring Backing Vocalist's Gig Bag". I chat about what I take on gigs with me and I hope it gives you a bit of insight into my life on the road. Enjoy! And finally, the plumber has been booked to fit the bathroom so life will soon be sweet! Housewarming is on the horizon! Will write soon, Mxxx 

Congratulations from Darren! Aaaaahh! X
Congratulations from Darren! Aaaaahh! X

February/March 2017


Caroline Or Change!

Hi everyone! I'm happy to say that I'll be playing The Washing Machine in Chichester Festival Theatre's upcoming production of Caroline Or Change! I'd originally auditioned for The Radio but they had a change of heart and decided to cast me as The Washing Machine which was nice! We start rehearsals in a couple of days and the show runs from May the 6th until June the 3rd. We'll be in the Minerva Theatre which, I'm told, is a beautiful space so it should be great! General sale tickets sold out really quickly (I believe there are a few 16-25 tickets left) but keep checking their website for updates as you never know what could happen! Chichester Festival Theatre Sharon D. Clarke will be playing the lead role of Caroline and I've worked with a couple of the cast members before in Ragtime and The Lion King so it'll be like a mini reunion! I'll be sure to post costume pics when I have them and if you've managed to get tickets, well done and I'll see you there! Mxxx

January 2017!


Happy New Year, the chiropractor, new agent!


Happy New Year to you all! I hope you enjoyed the festive season and are ready to get back into making positive things happen for 2017! I ate WAY too much dessert but am trying to yoga it off in the front room. It's going quite well actually. My little pot is flattening out quite nicely. Darren and I were tiling the kitchen on New Years Eve. No time like the present I suppose..... We had the tiles in a cupboard for nearly a year so it was getting a bit ridiculous but I'm glad we decided to do it ourselves as we now know how to tile and the skill set is growing! Eau De Nile or Duck Egg is the colour. Very nice indeed. Next stop, designing the bathroom. Having spoken of yoga, weight loss, body alignment etc, I've had a terrible bad back since finishing playing "Shenzi" in The Lion King a couple of years ago so decided to book in to see a chiropractor. I don't know why I waited so long as Dominic's amazing! Darren comes along for my sessions and they chat about Paleo, working out, my twisty body etc. It's fun. Even him clicking my back out is an enjoyable experience. I have a few more sessions left after which I hope to not get any more neck and headaches so it'll be well worth it. If you have any back, neck, shoulder related issues, check out their site. They're lovely! 2016 was a bit of a rollercoaster year as I managed to have 3 different agents within the space of a few months... It makes me sound a little bit like a diva but it's so important to find the right fit and to feel comfortable with your agent so I'm happy to announce that I'm now represented by Universal Talent!! They have a fantastic acting roster, the music department is strong and I really do think we can achieve some great things together! Their contact details are on the Contact Page or follow this link direct to their website for all booking enquiries. Keep checking back for more news and updates on what I'm up to and I'll see you all on set/stage soon! Have a brilliant 2017 and speak soon! Mxxx


November 2016


New headshots!!


Good evening all! I am a happy lady as I've just received my retouched headshots from the amazing photographer, Alex Winn. You MAY remember that he took the flyer photos for my headline show at The Robin 2 and is ridiculously talented. He's now getting into directing and filmmaking and during my time at his studio recently, he showed me some of his work and it is truly brilliant. If you need promo shots, a music video, a director, cameraman.... he's the guy to go to! Follow the link for more info and enjoy my new headshots! Mxxx

October 2016


Location, BBC WM quiz show...


Hello! If you happened to miss Darren and I on LLL the other day, you have just under a month to catch it on 4oD. As Phil said, we did make the deal of the century and we're very happy in our new home. I must say, the press work unbelievably quickly as, just 30 minutes after the first airing, The Express newspaper had an entire page up online about the show! No messin'! I hope you enjoyed the re-visit and my amazing (!??) hula hoop skills... In other news, I'll be featured on 95.6 FM BBC WM on Saturday the 22nd of October between 10am and 12pm. I'll be on the first episode of Doreen Tipton's show. It's all very silly and I'm happy to say that I was the first ever guest and that I won the speed boat... ;-) If you're near a radio that day, tune in for a laugh or listen online here: I'm off to a bathroom showroom for inspiration. You saw what ours looked like on the show... One must try harder. I'll write soon, Mxxx

August - September 2016!


Location, Location, Location, Bryan Ferry, My birthday....


Hi everyone! I'm writing to you from the back living room sat in the same chair that was graced by the lovely Phil Spencer when he came to film a re-visit for LLL with us. We always have a great time with the crew and the re-visit was no exception: Laughter all day, easy takes, good vibes... They didn't want to leave (Phil stayed to have his lunch with us in the sunshine!) and we didn't want them to go. Brilliant day. The show will be aired as part of the current series on October the 18th on Channel 4 so tune in if you're free! * Update!* We've just been told that the date has been moved forward a week so our episode will be aired on October the 11th at 8pm. Don't miss it!

    In other news, I'll be performing with Bryan Ferry at Looe Festival, Cornwall on September the 24th. He's headlining, naturally, so we'll be on well into the evening. I'm not sure what time exactly but check the site for times, lineup info etc. It should be fun! It's my birthday the day before so Darren's coming down with me for a birthday road trip! Rice cakes and Ribena at the ready! I'm writing and listening to BBMak - I'm so old school but they're great songs and fantastic singing! - and Darren's cooking a chicken so I'm off to help. I will write again with news. Once again, look out for Darren on Tipping Point next month and if you have any talented 7-14 year olds in your midst that I can submit for The Voice Kids UK, let me know! Til next time, Mxxx

*Update* Check out a few shots from Looe Festival below! Darren took them from backstage so they're all from mostly the same angle but I hope you like them anyway. It was nice spending the day by the water and hearing the Cornish accent in its full glory! X

Photo by Alex Winn
Photo by Alex Winn

July - August 2016!


The vanity, The Voice Kids for ITV, courgettes!!


I'm happy to say that I've been added as one of the famous people from Wolverhampton on! I'm very flattered as, thanks to the alphabet, I take pride of place next to the legend that is Steve Bull! There are a few historical inaccuracies in my write up but I'm just happy to have achieved enough to be mentioned! Click and scroll down to see it! *blush blush*. wolves In other news, I'll be vocal coaching on The Voice Kids at ITV studios. Oooooh! I've been asked to make a few suggestions for the show so if you have any talented children between the ages of 7 and 14, feel free to send me a video or audio and I'll consider them to forward to the producers. And finally, we have vegetables in the back garden: Sweetcorn, tomatoes, courgettes... Lovely David and Anne from over the back fence wouldn't take no for an answer and kept giving us stuff so we planted them and this morning on my watering rounds, I noticed that we have fully grown courgettes so please send recipes on a postcard to Me'sha and Darren, Wolverhampton. I hope they taste good! Anyway, I think that's about it. I'm watching the Olympic rowing in preparation for the gymnastics later. Come on Team GB!! I'll try to do something interesting so I can tell you about it! Will write soon! Mxxx

Inside cover of Wolves Magazine
Inside cover of Wolves Magazine

May - June 2016!


BBC Academy podcast, The Voice UK, Curtains!


I was recently interviewed along with fellow Wulfrunian (Is that what we're called?) and Takeover star Philip George, the lovely Steve Hermon who trained me for reporting and producer Sharon Stokes who, I believe, was the brains behind the entire BBC WM Takeover project. We talk about the application process, figuring out which stories were important to us, training, how to place each successful applicant onto a show.... If you're interested in getting into radio, how it all works off air regarding research, prep, booking guests etc it's definitely worth a listen. Follow the link for more info: BBC Academy Takeover Podcast

In other news, I've been doing a spot of head hunting for ITV for The Voice UK. I was super, ultra picky and chose a couple of people who will hopefully make it to the televised shows. They're amazing so fingers crossed! There isn't much else to report on really except we have curtains now - they're lovely; crushed velvet. Oooooh..., I wangled free cavity wall insulation and I hope you enjoyed my article in Wolverhampton Magazine! Off to look at toughened glass with Darren now. Will write again soon! Mxxx

Being interviewed for Wolverhampton Magazine
Being interviewed for Wolverhampton Magazine

March - April 2016!


BBC WM Takeover, Wolverhampton Magazine!


Good day everyone! BBC WM Takeover was brilliant! I got more involved than I initially thought I was going to as I was asked not only to present on the drive time show with Paul Franks but also to report with the lovely Daz Hale on Danny Kelly's mid morning show! Reporting and presenting present different challenges so it was great to be able to see two varying sides of working at the station. I spent quite a bit of time with Steve Hermon who was in charge of all social media posts and it turns out we met many years ago whilst we were both doing youth radio! Small world! Since the Takeover finished, I've been part of a couple of extra items such as BBC Academy podcasts and reviewing shows. I was asked by one of the producers to review "Let It Be" A Celebration of The Music of The Beatles at Birmingham Hippodrome and it was fantastic! I went with my neighbour, Debs from up the street and we were given the full V.I.P. treatment! The show was amazing: vocals were bang on, mannerisms spot on, the sound was brilliant and Reuven Gershon who's a Midlander (Yay!) and plays John Lennon looked so like him with the iconic glasses on, it was freaky! It's touring the UK over the next few months so if you get the chance, go see it! Debs had a great time! I hope to do more for the station in future and Darren and I MAY be doing a Mr and Mrs type quiz for afternoon tea with Sunny and Shay. It's not confirmed yet but watch this space for updates!

     In other news, I was recently interviewed by Wolverhampton Magazine which is affiliated to The Express and Star re my career so far! We talked recording, touring, appearing on Location, Location, Location, my album, vocal coaching, acting, the music industry, pride in being from The West Midlands... We chatted so much, it turned into a 4 page spread! It's the May issue and is on sale now so if you see a copy, go buy it! For anyone who isn't Midlands based and is unable to get their hands on one, luckily Darren's clever and made a collage for you to check out. Click on the image to enlarge and zoom in.

Right, Darren's just arrived from daaahn Saaaaf so I have to go entertain him and regale him with stories of this week's antics. I'll write soon. Until then, check out a few Takeover roundup shots! Mxxx

Me on Tipping Point!
Me on Tipping Point!

January - February 2016!


Vocal masterclass, BBC WM Takeover! 


Happy New Year everyone! It's February already!? Where does the time go? I hope you all enjoyed the festive season and have started the new year in a positive light! So, the house first: The fridge is no longer in the living room - woohoo! We have carpet, Darren's hung a few doors and has bought every power tool known to man, the bed arrives next week, I'm still painting and watching videos on how to tile a splashback... They say to buy 10% more tiles than you need for cuts, breakage etc. I bought about 25% more... I thought it best as I've not tiled before and don't want to be caught short! I'll definitely post a pic of that so you can see my handiwork!

   I hope you enjoyed my James Taylor interview. It's still available so follow the link below if you didn't catch it first time round. Since I last wrote, it's been hectic as usual but I'm happy to announce that I'll be hosting my first ever Midlands based vocal masterclass. It's on Sunday the 17th of April at Newhampton Arts Centre and will be great! For more info, go to the Vocal Masterclass page!

  In other news, I've been selected to be part of the BBC WM Takeover during March. I'll be co-presenting Paul Franks' drive time show alongside the lovely Mark Northall between 4pm and 6 on Friday the 18th of March. We'll be talking social media, sport, accents and Midlands pride. I'm still training and learning how to use all of the equipment but it's going well so far. You can listen to a short interview (From 37 minutes in) that Mark and I did with Paul for a taste of what to expect from M and M aka Team Franksy! BBC WM Takeover interview. I'm also in the initial stages of organising an on air interview with a local celebrity so fingers crossed that comes off! If you're next to the radio on March the 18th, be sure to tune in to 95.6FM BBC WM and drop us a line if you fancy it! It should be fun! #bbcwmtakeover #teamfranksy Right, I'm off to spread the word about my masterclass. Will write soon! Mxxx

August - December 2015!


Decorating, ITV's Tipping Point, James Taylor interview!


Hello all! It's nearly Christmas! Where did the year go? Anyway, I hope this finds you all well. The house is coming on well: We have electricity, even, white walls and a new cashmere colour kitchen - ooohh! It is nice. I don't have a great picture as the fridge isn't in place yet. It's in the living room, naturally so once we rope Darren's mate, Pete in to help us wheel it through the patio doors, round the back of the house (it's massive!) and through the side door, it'll almost be complete... After we level the floor... We have done so much to the house, it's almost unrecognisable but in a good way! I'll post some before and after pictures at some point so you can check out the transformation. Despite all the dust, I have to say that knocking out walls with a sledge hammer is very satisfying AND it's a workout so no gym for me!!

   As you know, I'm a fidget so applied to be on ITV's Tipping Point! I got on and my episode will be aired on January the 15th 2016 at 4pm. Check it out to see how much money I win.... We don't have carpets yet so that may be an indication as to how well I did... Ben Shephard is a lovely, lovely man and we had a laugh. Fun day!

   I recently recorded a Skype interview with the wonderful James Taylor from "The Musical Life" podcast. He asked some great questions and we had a nice chat. We get into my beginnings as a vocalist, touring, recording, artists I've worked with, ups, downs, lessons learnt and my plans for the future. Grab a cup of tea and some biscuits -  I would highly recommend Marks and Spencer's Almond and Pistachio cookies. You''ll never look back! - and enjoy! The Musical Life Podcast

   Right, I'm off to do a bit of planning. I have an exciting new project in the pipeline for Midlands based vocalists and anyone who's willing to travel. I have a few loose ends to tie up but I'm sure it'll all come together in the end! Keep checking back for updates! 1 week til Christmas. Speak soon! Mxxx

June/July 2015!

The Voice UK and we finally got the keys to the house!!!

I recently spent a brilliant few days Vocal coaching for The Voice! It's a fantastic production with lovely people and we had some great singers come through the doors. My role was to warm the auditionees up, give them a few vocal tips, make them feel relaxed and, along with a producer, decide who to put through to the next round. It's a huge responsiblity so I left quite tired from concentrating so hard but we've got to get it right! Hopefully, I'll get to see some of the people we put through on the TV so I can cheer them on!

In other news, Darren and I finally got the keys to our new house! Woohoo! It only took 14 months, 7 offers, hundreds of viewings, thousands of rejected properties and appearing on Location, Location, Location to get to this stage but we're very happy! There's a lot of de-70s DIYing to do but once it's done, the house will be amazing! Now, more gigs to pay for the guttering! I will write soon with more news! Lots of love, Mxxx

March/April/May 2015!!


Sister Act and Carol Decker (T'Pau)!

Good evening everyone! I'm back in Wolverhampton after playing Deloris in Sister Act! How much fun? Off the scale. I enjoyed myself immensely and as Al would say, "I was in my proper atmosphere!" I met such lovely people and I have to say it was one of the most relaxed jobs I've ever done. The audiences were fantastic - It's so nice to play to people who've come out to enjoy themselves. It makes the job so much easier! We received standing ovations and such a wonderful response, it was amazing! The photo to the left was my opening outfit. Those red boots had some seriously high heels but my years of professional clubbing and singing with Chicane helped me stay on my feet! I did fall over once (There HAS to be something!) in my lowest pair of heels... but was back up so quickly not many people noticed. The benefits of playing county netball! All in all, it was a brilliant experience, it was good to have a juicy part to get my teeth into and I've made some more lovely friends along the way. I'm happy. Darren and I then went to a Buddhist retreat for 2 days (Not related to Sister Act. It was already booked!) which can't really be described. So good!

    In other news, I'll be singing with Carol Decker from T'Pau at Let's Rock, Leeds on June the 20th. It's a one off and it was nice to get the call whilst watching Homes Under The Hammer! I'm currently learning the tunes and if you're in Leeds on that date, come say hi! You may not recognise me as my hair isn't blue anymore but it is MASSIVE so look out for the kind of auburn hairball as Darren called me and that'll be me! I'll write soon! I've been rubbish with the news but I'll be better from now on with keeping you posted! Til next time! Love and light, Mxxx


I will no longer be performing with Carol Decker at Let's Rock. Long story. Apologies to anyone who was looking forward to seeing my enormous hair... I'll keep you posted on my upcoming adventures. Mxxx

January/February 2015!


Location, Sister Act and The Soul Coalition!

Good afternoon everyone! I'm typing and watching Tipping Point with my Mom! Drop Zone 3!! As you know, Darren and I were on Location Location Location recently and we've had such a great response from people, it's been lovely! We've been stopped in supermarkets, on trains, walking around town.... with everyone wanting to know if we've found a house yet. So sweet! It's taking a little longer than we'd like to get into the house but it'll be brilliant once we're in! If you'd like to catch up on the show, you can go to 4oD and check it out! Location replay

    In other news, The Soul Coalition website is finally finished and it looks great! Darren did a fantastic job and the band can now be booked for your wedding, corporate event, venue launch, birthday party or any other general knees up via the contact form! Click on the following link or access the site from from my Links page. We look forward to hearing from you! The Soul Coalition

    Now, for the best news: I've recently been cast as Deloris Van Cartier in the National Concert Hall, Ireland's upcoming production of Sister Act!! I'm so happy and excited! It'll be great fun! I'm just waiting on my script and vocal score to arrive in the post then I can get to learning and you know how much I love learning! Once the publicity starts, I'll post more info and will let you know about tickets etc! Until then, enjoy some photos of Darren and I house hunting with Kirstie and Phil and I'll write soon!!! Lots of love, Mxxx

Team Phil on Location, Location, Location
Team Phil on Location, Location, Location

The end of November, December, January 2015!


Happy New Year, house hunt is over and Location, Location, Location!!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all enjoyed the festive season, that you found time to relax and ate loads of pudding like I did. It was goooooood! Anyway, since I last wrote, we found a house which is a big deal - It's a lovely place in sunny Tividale and as you've probably gathered from the photo, we'll be appearing on Channel 4's "Location, Location, Location" in the very near future. We were team Phil and we had a great time. He's such a lovely man! "Where Do We Go?" is featured on the show (the production crew ended up singing it all week. Such a compliment!) so look out for me, Al, Dave and Darren gracing your screens! I can't give away too much of what happened in terms of the house hunt itself so make sure you watch to find out! I'll let you know when we're on for sure! Until then, happy 2015! I wish you all the best for the new year and I'll write soon! Mxxx

Ps - Naturally, we made the new series trailer which you can check out here: Location

PPs - Keep checking back for exciting news re The Soul Coalition. You're going to like it! xXx

September, October, little bit of November 2014!

Looking for a house, eating all the dessert, Paradise Lost!

Hello all! You think I'm rubbish for not writing and I am so I apologise. However, in my defence, I've spent every moment since I left Lion King looking for a house back home in The Midlands. It has been the BIGGEST drama of my life but funny at the same time. I won't bore you with it all now but let's just say mine shafts, witnessing criminal activity and 1920s concrete have all played their part.... I will let you know when I've triumphed! Once I'm in the house I'll be able to focus on writing album number 2! I've got a rehearsal coming up with the boys and I forgot how proud I am of what we made. "Maybe Today" (if I do say so myself!) is brilliant and I hope I can make the second album just as fantastic! Between looking for houses, I've eaten so much dessert it's not even funny. If they cut me open, lactofree cream would run from my veins instead of blood. It's not good and now that I've told you, I'm officially in rehab. After the last bit of strudel in the freezer.... then that's it. For real. In other news, the wonderful Lee Ormsby who's playing Pumbaa on The Lion King UK tour has asked me to sing on the cast recording of his new musical, Paradise Lost. I've learnt the parts and am running through them to make sure they sit in my voice nicely before the session. It's great to be part of a brand new project from the ground up, Lee's done a fantastic job with the scoring and it'll be fun! I'll let you know how we get on. Right, must go practice guitar. Al will tell me off if I'm rubbish. I need the tough love. Will write soon! Mxxx  

Leaving gifts!!
Leaving gifts!!

June, July, August 2014!!


Liverpool to Southampton and the end of the tour!!

Hello everyone! I'm writing to you and looking at The Chiltern Hills! It's very pretty here. My time playing "Shenzi" on The Lion King UK tour has come to an end! It was a crazy year and I thoroughly enjoyed myself! My body is aching but it was totally worth it! What an experience. The last couple of venues were great: Liverpool is a fantastic city with loads to do and lovely people and Southampton was very calming. I had a nice 20 min walk to work from my digs, could hear the seagulls every day and the English Channel was only 10 mins walk away. Lovely! I can't believe the time has gone so quickly! We made it and I'm proud! I made a silly little video as a round up and I hope you enjoy it! Naturally, I'll let you know of my future adventures and I hope this finds you all well. See you at a gig soon!! Mxxx


Sunny day in Sharm El Sheik!
Sunny day in Sharm El Sheik!

April, May 2014!!


Bradford to Liverpool via Egypt!
Hello everyone! I'm writing to you from sunny Liverpool. It's been a mad few weeks as I left Bradford, went on holiday to Egypt, got back, packed and came up to Liverpool. I felt a little unwell on the journey up and am now fully understanding the merits of rest and relaxation. Bradford was interesting; I had to evacuate my digs as there was a fire in the building. Someone left a pot on the stove and went to work..... Anyway, noone was hurt so it was all good!

   Egypt was HOT and lovely. It was nice to sit still for a bit as, as you know, I like to run around a lot. I got a small tan but nothing to write home about really and my parasol, which some people thought was an umbrella....., worked a treat! Very pleased with myself! Naturally, I bought the traditional fridge magnet and Darren played some of the hotel staff clips from my DVD. They loved it and I got very shy!! Ha! Back in England now and I'm just getting ready for a stagger through of the show (Lion King if you missed the Home page) as we open tomorrow! We'll see how my knees get on after nearly 2 weeks off. Wish me luck!! Mxxx ps 3 months left on the show!!



Me at Plymouth Aquarium!
Me at Plymouth Aquarium!

February, March 2014!


Plymouth to Bradford!
Hello everyone! I'm writing to you from sunny Bradford. It's not sunny. I lied. It's COLD and yesterday whilst practising guitar, I had to wear 2 pairs of socks, my slippers, 2 jumpers and I had the heating on... Anyway, it's character building so it's all good! The Alhambra Theatre is beautiful, my digs are lovely and apart from banging my ankle backstage today and having to ice it, all is well!! I am now officially into my last 5 months as Shenzi on The Lion King tour so if you haven't come to see the show yet, get a move on! You have until August the 17th.

        Thanks to everyone who's sent me messages re my next album. I'm not writing at the moment as the show takes up most of my time so I'm not in the right headspace. I'm not hyenaing, I'm asleep pretty much but once I'm done with the tour, I'll get back into the writing and will let you know how it's coming along! I ave gigs already lined up for when I finish so if any non privates come in, I'll let you know so you can come say hi! I hope this finds you all well. I'm off to ice my ankle before show 2! Byeeee! Mx

Me half way up Arthur's Seat on Christmas day!
Me half way up Arthur's Seat on Christmas day!

December, January 2013/14!


Happy New Year! I'm a bad person.......

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all enjoyed the festive season and that you ate loads of Christmas pudding. I know I did! I also made the best sprouts EVER from a Gordon Ramsay recipe: Sprouts, pancetta, cashew nuts... Wicked! They were supposed to be chestnuts but after nearly being flooded out of my digs on Christmas Eve, (You know how unlucky I am with water...) I didn't have the energy to be that particular. It was very tasty nevertheless!


Anyway, I haven't written for a while and I apologise for that. Lion King is kicking my butt (Still not missed a show yet! 7 and a bit months and counting!) but that is no excuse for not writing to you guys! Sorry! We're now in Plymouth and we can't leave because the freak weather has destroyed the train tracks! Ha! Today, instead of walking, I was blown to work by the 100mph wind which was interesting. The weather is so bad, it's funny. I may explode. The photo is of me on Christmas day half way up/down Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh. It was pretty chilly but the view was gorgeous! Darren fell over which was hilarious (my face hurt so much from laughing!) and we had a nice bit of lamb when we got in so all was well!


We're off to Bradford next so I'll let you know how I'm getting on there too. I hope you're still enjoying Maybe Today and if you fancy a chat, send me a message ! I'm always happy to hear from you! Mxxx


Photo by David Mian
Photo by David Mian



Amazing tunes profile, Jim Gellatly show playlisting, cold toes...

Hi everyone! "Where Do We Go?' was recently playlisted on Jim Gellatly's Amazing Radio show which I'm very happy about. You can check it out here: Jim Gellatly show Go to "More shows" on the player, scroll to the November 3rd show and fast forward to 1:10:55 to have a listen! I also have an Amazing tunes profile now where you can check out some archive photos and live footage - My toes are cold and I'm thinking about writing album number 2..... Been enjoying my practice recently and once I get the correct strings on Bambi, all will be well! Will write soon! Mxxx

On my way to the Edinburgh press night party!
On my way to the Edinburgh press night party!



New Youtube channel, Edinburgh, I need a new body....

Hi everyone! Just a quick update to let you know that I am now in Edinburgh on the Zebra tour! The city is beautiful and despite getting wet feet in the sometimes torrential rain, I like it here very much! I'm staying in Grassmarket which is where they used to execute people and am in the shadow of a castle with a music shop right next door so it's just like being at home!

    I've been to a couple of open mic nights since my arrival and the Edinburgh scene is lovely and inclusive. I played a gig 5 days after getting here and was offered a few feature slots at other venues! Yay! Once the cold that's going around the cast clears up, I'll be able to get out there with Bambi and do a bit of singing!! For those who didn't manage to catch Al, Darren and myself live on the Simon Lederman show or if you fancy having another listen, I've uploaded the audio along with shots to my NEW youtube channel!!! This one is SOLELY dedicated to my original music and you'll be able to find me here. My other channel is still live so if you want to check out some of my session work and check out archive footage, feel free!

     All is well up here. I have new muscles and am fitter than before. I am, however, a little achy and will need new hips, hands ankles etc in the near future! The perils of being a hyena eh?!? Anyway, dinner time. Enjoy the photos and videos and I will write soon with hopefully details on future radio play. Fingers crossed!! Mxxx

Shenzi makeup
Shenzi makeup

July/August 2013


BBC Radio London, rescheduling the launch, holiday and playing Shenzi in The Lion King!!

Hello everyone!! Apologies for missing a month. June, as you know, was the most hectic EVER!! We had the radio, the launch drama, I then went on holiday to Kos which was lovely, was scouted by The Voice producers then started rehearsals for The Lion King tour! Today, I had an unexpected day off from rehearsal so am able to write to you! :-) BBC London on Simon Lederman's show was fantastic! We had a great chat and loads of fun! It was a nice change to have bass AND percussion in the studio with me and I hope you enjoyed it! Al's brother, Dave, took some great photos which I'll share below and we did record it so I'll put together a little montage of photos and make it into a Youtube video so that those who missed it can check it out!


Obviously, my album launch didn't happen which we were all gutted about but we're planning to reschedule for early October at a different, more reliable venue. I'll keep you posted on that one as I have to juggle braiding my hair (very important!), rehearsing with my band, launching the album, a potential Chicane gig in Buenos Aires and relocating to Edinburgh all in the same week. We can do it! Ha!!


Holiday to Kos was amazing! Darren and I had a wonderful time, saw most of the island in a beach buggie, got tanned, made friends - both human and poultry, ate too much pudding, ate calamari next to the Aegean that looked too much like what it was....., Darren went diving and was mistaken for a lifeguard in his red shorts, I won the karaoke.... Mom thinks I'm a cheat but Darren made me do it...!!! I didn't know there was a prize or I wouldn't have sung!! My plastic, gold medal IS lovely though! ;-) I also won the rifle shooting which is a bit random and Darren won the archery which is understandable. It was like The Hunger Games over there! The holiday came at the right time for sure and we'd definitely go back again!


Lion King rehearsals are going really well so far. Shenzi doesn't do a lot of singing so it's a brand new situation for me. Lots of acting, very little singing. I'll get used to it! Physically, I'm fine. Just got to make sure I keep my core strong and look after my hands and we'll be fine. Can't wait to start! My first show is at the Birmingham Hippodrome on August the 13th at 7:30pm. 3 weeks to go! Will be fun!! For more info and to book tickets, visit the oficial site - I hope to see some of you there! Mxxx



June 16th 2013

Hello everyone,

Due to circumstances completely beyond my control, I've had to cancel my album launch tonight. I am truly saddened by this and was really looking forward to seeing you all and playing you some tunes! I hope this last minute cancellation doesn't inconvenience any of you too much and we will reschedule the launch for the very near future. Please do keep checking my website for details on the rescheduling and enjoy your Sunday! Lots of love, Me'sha x

May 2013


BBC radio London and radio promo!!

Hello everyone! I hope this finds you all well!! I am now on the roster of Matrix promo under Mike Mills. Tracks from "Maybe Today" are currently being promoted to radio and we've secured a live session and interview on Simon Lederman's show on 94.9FM BBC Radio London! We'll be on air on June the 12th from around 10:30pm so tune in if you're free! If not, you can always listen again via BBC iPlayer! I'll make sure to film it too so you can check out the footage! See you at the launch! Mxxx


For radio and promo contact Mike Mills at

April 2013



Great news everyone! After months of searching, I've finally found a venue in which to host my album launch. :-) It'll be held at Apartment 58 in London on Sunday the 16th of June. Nearest tube Tottenham Court Road. There'll be a support act (TBC) from 8 and the boys and I will be on from 9. Entry is free, there'll be albums for sale and the first 5 people to purchase one will get a free copy of my promo DVD, "Me'sha Bryan Live at The Luminaire" thrown in!! Ooooohh!! I hope you can make it as it'll be a great night I'm sure and it'd be lovely to meet and chat to you all! Right, time to make the poster!! Byeeee! Mxxx


NB - For table/sofa bookings email Hannah at

See the official Facebook launch page and click "Join" here!!

February 2013


BBC interview, WCR interview, footage and temperamental camera!

Good afternoon everyone! My recent radio interviews went very well. The first with Trev French on the 8th was a laugh as ever, it was great to be on his show during the day but unfotunately, my camera went on strike and only recorded the first 5 minutes! Never mind! You can still check out the interview I did with Trev before my headline at The Robin 2 here if you like! Luckily, my camera had a change of heart the day after and filmed the entire interview with Adrian Goldberg on the BBC!! Despite following the directions of my ridiculous satnav, getting lost (Ignore the satnav and go where you thought next time Me'sha...) and only having 5 minutes to settle and warm my fingers, that was also a lot of fun! Adrian asked great questions and we were getting some lovely texts coming in from listeners during the show! Thanks for the post interview messages and for the help in deciding which songs to play. You were all very helpful and I hope you enjoy the interview!! Mxxx


"Hello!" Photo by David Mian
"Hello!" Photo by David Mian

January 2013


Maybe Today goes international, radio interviews, rhubarb crumble...

Happy New Year everyone!! I hope you all enjoyed the festive season!! I had great time with my family at Christmas, spent New Year in Worthing which is beautiful and put on a bit of weight!?! Darren said he could see it in my face. I got mildly upset, knew he was right then had a chocolate digestive to drown my sorrows! Ha! I'm rubbish! It's all gone now but I was worried for a bit. One too many shortbread biscuits..... They were good though!! As Edith Piaf said, "Noooooon rien de rien!! Noooooon, je ne regrette rien!"


So, news..... Maybe Today has been selling amazingly well and I'm really pleased you're all enjoying the music. Thanks for the kind words and messages of support! :-) I spend a lot of time at the post office these days and am nearly on first name terms with the people who work there! (Apart from the grumpy one who keeps trying to double charge me for envelopes I already own! Misery...) I think they think I'm a large letter stamp dealer or something and get some "She's here again??!" looks but it's worth it!! :-) A few days ago, I had physical sales in Europe and New Zealand which is fantastic!! The plugging and sharing you have all helped me do has worked brilliantly and we're reaching the far corners of the world! THANK YOU!! I appreciate it and had a bit (a lot!!!) of rhubarb crumble and custard to celebrate! :-) Ha! Hello to all my far away fans!! I hope the discs reach you in one piece! Hopefully, sales will continue at this pace so I can get the money together to tour with the boys! Fingers crossed and watch this space! That'd be so much fun!


In February, I'll be doing a couple of interviews and live sessions for Midlands and BBC radio:


Thursday the 7th of February - Trev French's mid-morning show on WCR 101.8 FM.


Friday the 8th of February - Adrian Goldberg's morning show on BBC WM.


I should be on around 11am both days but I'm not sure how many songs they'd like me to perform! If you have any requests, let me know and I'll try and play them for you! Extra guitar practice starts today! :-) Now in fact. I have a few other interviews lined up and will let you know when and where they'll be aired ASAP! Have a lovely day and I'll write soon! If you're in the snow, wrap up warm, if you're somewhere lovely and hot, enjoy and where's my invite? ;-) See you all on a gig very soon! Mxxx 


Photo by Greg Heath
Photo by Greg Heath

Even MORE December!! it's getting silly now but it's really good this time!!



Merry Christmas everyone!! I hope you're all having a lovely time! I'm back in the motherland hanging out with my family and keeping still for a moment! It's nice but I still have lots of work to do as Maybe Today is done, done DONE!! I'm soooo happy!! It sounds great, it looks amazing and I'm very proud of it!! I have hard copies for sale at the moment and am in the middle of sorting out the digital release. All the old school people who like to read sleeve notes have gotten in there already and purchased their copies and I'm busily posting them out to everyone. I'm so touched and have never spent so much time at the post office but naturally, I don't mind! There's a short sample on the *Maybe Today* page for you to check out which I hope you enjoy! Al and I were very pleased when the UPS man showed up and took many pictures of the momentous occasion! See below... Dave sent me a genius photo of him when he got his in the post but he'd never forgive me for showing it to you so I won't... Let's just say "bed head" and "jedi robe dressing gown"!! He he! Anyway, thanks for your patience (we took our time!) and support. I really do appreciate it and enjoy the album!! I'll let you know when it's available digitally and will keep you updated on the launch! I'm off to eat cake! Merry Christmas! Mxxx

Photo by David Mian
Photo by David Mian

Even More December but it's not good! :'(


The Bunny Rugs gig has been cancelled due to administrative issues so cancel your plans to come to Sheffield to see me! I'm gutted as it would've been nice to sing a bit of reggae and work with some new people but never mind! I can now season my chicken, warm my toes and watch the tennis masters in peace. Oh, after I learn how to extract songs from an image in Toast.... It never stops! Anyway, it was nice to be asked and I hope it comes around again! Have a good Sunday! Mxxx 

More December!


Bunny Rugs!

I just got a call to sing BVs for Reggae legend and lead singer of Third World, Bunny Rugs! Rehearsals start on Monday and it'll be much fun! The gig is at The O2 in Sheffield on Sunday the 16th so if you're around.... You know the rest! It'll be nice to sing a bit of Reggae in anger (as Alan would say! That's a good thing apparently!) and my parents are very pleased!! You'll recognise some of the tunes as they're classics! Off the top of my head - "Now That We Found Love" and "96 Degrees In The Shade" which featured in the film, "The Harder They Come" starring Jimmy Cliff are among the most famous. Tickets are still available so follow the link to get to the site! Off to learn the tunes now! Mxxx 

December 2012


Singing In Italian, Angie, album...

 I've mostly been singing in Italian for an Italian composer who found me online! Ooooohh!! The session was fun and I'll post the in-session video once I'm done editing it! I recorded at Darren Ashford's Drum Lesson Academy Studio in Harrow and it sounds cool! Not sure what will happen with it yet but if anything, will let you know for sure! It was a great experience to do another session not in English! Remember my Portuguese adventure?? I sing along with Carmen Consoli every now and then but I guess that doesn't count! Video soon...!! *Video was up now it isn't as Italian guy turned out to be a bit mad... Never mind!!*


Angie Brown's gig was brilliant! She's a legend and the audience adored her. It was a pleasure to sing her BVs as she's so lovely and laid back but we still got the job done. We have more exciting things coming up in future so I'll be sure to keep you posted!


The album's being mastered as I type, the wonderful Greg Heath did the photography and artwork which is being duplicated as I type and all is well! I could have hard copies by the middle of next week!! *sharp intake of breath in anticipation!* Must go and eat now. Things to do. Will write soon! Mxxx



Photo by Greg Heath
Photo by Greg Heath

September/October/November 2012


Happy birthday to me, Angie Brown and stuff!

Hello everyone! I had such a lovely birthday! Lots of people came, everyone was very jolly, Mommy and I got a little tipsy and danced around the living room to reggae, there were balloon wars (Some people got very competitive!) and there were food goodie bags galore! Great time! What to do next year?? :-) I've spent the day running around North London in preparation for my wonderful house guest who is soon to be arriving at my door from the Czech Republic. Naturally, I've bought more food than necessary so it's a good job I have Al and Darren to help me eat it all!


In other news, I'll be singing with Angie Brown at Hideaway in Streatham on November the 24th. I'll be one of 2 BVs and she's asked me to arrange backing vocals for a lovely Lulu song called "To Sir With Love". Love, love, love arranging BVs so I was honoured and excited to be asked. I started recording my ideas at Big Brave Studios immediately and it's coming on well. A few minor tweaks to the harmony and I'll be there! Angie and I worked together performing with Heaven 17 for a couple of years and we always had a great laugh! She is AMAZING so if you're free, come by and say hi! It's a divas night so there'll be some wonderful voices for you to enjoy I'm sure! Details: Hideaway and Angie's site.


Recording for The National Film Orchestra at The Birmingham Conservatoire was much fun! It was a long day but worth it! The above photo is one of the stills from the day (Photo by the wonderful, Greg Heath. I'm featured on page 4 of the "Musicians" section) and when I get more, I'll be sure to share them with you! Can't wait to hear the audio and see the footage!


Album is nearly done. Really!! My talented friend, Tosh, who you'll be hearing a lot from in the very near future, will be singing the male vocal on "Stupid" then we're done, then mastering, then artwork! He's great and is currently in rehearsal for a production called "Sweet Smell of Success" at The Arcola Theatre. Apparently, it's a brilliant cast so if you're free..... :-) Speaking of artwork, Al's brother Dave, took some beautiful shots of me in Bishop's Park (West London) and Chiswick House for my album cover. He has a great eye along with the patience of Zeus as he took over 1000 photos and all with a smile on his face! He's the man! The album's called "Maybe Today" and the moment it's on iTunes, I have a hard copy in my hands and my Mom's playing it in the car, I'll be telling you ALL ABOUT IT! Not long now!! :0) xxx


Photo by Alan Mian
Photo by Alan Mian

July/August/September 2012


Stuff and things!!

I've been in the studio with Basement Jaxx which was fun! Felix saw me performing with Chicane at The Electric Peacock festival in Sri Lanka and took my details! It was one of the easiest sessions I've ever done.


Felix: Sing this.

Me'sha: La laaa laaaaahh!

Felix: Sing it up the octave.

Me'sha: La laaa laaaaahh! (But up the octave, obviously!)


Much fun! It was quite an experimental track and the guys aren't sure what they're going to do with it but it was a good experience and I'm happy to have been part of it. I'll let you know for sure if anything happens with it!


Still recording the album. Soon done! :0) xxx


I'll be recording with The National Film Orchestra at The Birmingham Conservatoire mid September. I'll be performing a solo "I Believe I Can Fly" as well as a couple of duets with Rietta Austin. We'll be backed by the orchestra and a full choir and it'll sound amazing! We've already been gown shopping, rehearsing and it should be brilliant!! Once we have footage and audio, I'll be sure to share it with you all!


I have a couple more exciting things coming up next year, most notably with the wonderful, Amit Chatterjee who's asked me to tour with him around Europe! It's a great honour to be asked and I can't wait for rehearsals to start! Check out some of Amit's music here: If My Soul Beautiful!!


June 2012


Gigs, gigs, gigs!!!!

Good afternoon everyone! I'm wrting this and watching the French Open. Come on Andy Murray!! Then football, then The Olympics... Joy! I love sport! Anyway, news!! I have a few varied gigs coming up over the next month which means a lot of learning for me but, as you know, I'm a geek and love learning so it's all good!! I'll list them below and if you're free come along! I'll be happy to see you! Mxxx


June 9th - Battle of the Divas, Worcester Racecourse. You''ll remember the photos from the shows we did last year. It'll be another fantastic, energy filled show wit lots of wonderful singing from the ladies and (hopefully!) big smiles from the audience!!


June 16th - Promoting ICMP, London. I'll be rocking out with Richie Patterson aka Poppa P on drums who played for me on my Robin 2 headline gig. He's a good man!


June 23rd - Chicane, Mauritius. We'll be playing some classic tracks including "Don't Give Up", "Offshore", "Saltwater" and many others!


June 29th - Chick Flick The Band, Essex. I've not sung with the band before so it'll be a new experience for me. Luckily, Dave's on guitar so he can hold my hand if I get nervous! ;-) x


*The above photo was taken whilst onstage with Chicane at Whiteout, Finland. Copyright Riku Heininen at*



May 2012


Originals, BVs, Duet gig!!

I'll be performing a couple of my tunes at "Rietta & friends" at The Bull's Head, Barnes on May the 21st! It'll be a great night and I'll be duetting with as well as providing BVs for the lovely Ms. Austin! For more info, follow the link below and we hope to see you there! Mxxx


Rietta & Friends - Facebook event page. x


January/February/March 2012


Recording, gigging, more recording!

I've been in the studio with Urban State recording for their upcoming debut album. I get a writing credit and a "featuring" which is great! The album's due for release in the next couple of months and we'll hopefully be gigging at festivals over the summer. The artwork looks brilliant and I'll let you know when that's out for sure! 


Big Brave Studios is coming on a treat! I've been doing sessions from home which is fun! I can record then watch a bit of Red Dwarf then record some more. It's great! I've been doing a few tracks with the wonderful Holger Skepeneit on keys (Check my links for more info!) and it's going really well! He's the most patient man in show business!! Keep checking back for audio updates!


I'm off to Helsinki with Chicane in April. The gigs are always lively so I'm sure it'll be a good one! Check out the video below of one of the gigs on the 2011 tour of India. There are more Chicane vids on my Youtube sessions playlist but I like this one as it's Arty Fufkin! Enjoy! Mxxx - Chicane live at Kitty Su, Delhi, India.


November/December 2011


Touring with Chicane and The Coca Cola Christmas truck tour!!

During November and December I'll be touring India, gigging at the Electric Peacock Festival in Sri Lanka and seeing in 2012 in Cape town with Chicane!! Don't forget to check my Gigs page for links to the festivals and more info!

I'll also be performing as part of The Souls of Prophecy choir on the Coca Cola Christmas truck tour. I'll be at The O2, London for 2 days. Look for the big red truck and lots of fairy lights! I hope to see you there! Mxxx



You can see photos and footage from both the Chicane and Coca Cola truck tours on my Photos page and in my blog! Enjoy! xXx

October 2011


The Robin 2 and new YouTube footage!!

Thank you so much to everyone who came to The Robin 2 to support me! I really do appreciate it. We had a great time and we hope to be back playing in The Midlands in the very near future!


Flyer design by Lise-Mari Coetzee. Photo by Alex Winn.
Flyer design by Lise-Mari Coetzee. Photo by Alex Winn.

I took my camera into the interview with Trev French on WCRFM and have uploaded the entire session. Featured songs are; Maybe Today, Come Back To Me and Arms Wide Open. Trev is so lovely and we had a great time in the studio! There's a lot of laughter! I've also uploaded a song from my Robin 2 headline gig! I only wrote the bridge a few weeks ago and "Anyway" had never been played with full band in public before so I'm really pleased to have it on film! Thanks to David Mian for filming it! I'll be posting more clips of us during soundcheck and backstage at a later date so keep checking back for more updates! I hope you enjoy the new footage! Mxxx


*Update* Check out the footage on my Facebook fan page or on Youtube!!


September 2011


Artsfest, live in session on WCRFM and "Music For Luleki" footage!!!

Hello! I've just been confirmed to play The Yardbird Jazz club, Birmingham as part of Artsfest 2011! I'll be playing a half hour, solo set from 13:30 on Sunday the 11th of September! Artsfest (September 10th and 11th) is the UK's biggest free arts festival with music, art, dance...happening in many venues across Birmingham. For more info go to my artist page: and follow the links to find out more about the festival in general. It'll be fun to do another Midlands based gig and I hope to see you there! xxx


On the 30th of September I'll be live in session with Trev French on 101.8 Wolverhampton City Radio FM. The show starts at 9pm and I'll be playing tracks from the album along with a few unheard songs so be sure to tune in for a preview!! Trev interviewed me ahead of the Sandi Thom support in March and we had a good laugh so it should be fun! Listen in if you're free! xxx


Check out interviews and performances from all artists involved in "Music For Luleki" here: - A wonderful charity event organised by Blair and Emma Kelly to help raise money for victims of corrective rape. It was a great night and an honour to be asked to take part in the gig. For more information on the charity and the work it does go to : Xxx


May, June, July, August 2011


Still recording, The Robin, a competition to win my DVD, an article on me...!!

Hello everyone! I'm writing to you from the Motherland - Wolverhampton. I'm having a great time with my family and am LOVING being Aunty Me'sha! Jumping on the bed and taking everything out of Aunty Me'sha's handbag and transferring into a plastic bag are my personal favourites! It's all very cute!


The boys and I have been working hard in the studio. Al, Francesco and I had 2 mammoth days at Cesco's studio in Wood Green. The guys put down drums and bass together and it was brilliant! Sounds amazing and super tight! Al has the patience of Zeus and Francesco is a trooper. We were still going at 2am and he was still smiling! Dave and Al just spent another 2 days recording at Birnie Towers. I heard the recordings down the phone and was blown away! They've done such a fantastic job and I really can't wait to get the recordings out to you all! Next up, keys. I've been documenting the whole process so will post pics, videos etc once we're done and I will keep you up to date on how the next stage goes. Keep checking back!


Ticket sales for my headline gig at The Robin 2 are going really well (There are flyers all over The Midlands! I've got my family on flyer distribution duty!! They're very good you know!! Just like the A-Team!) and if you want to come see us play, check out the extended lineup AND hear some tunes that have never seen the light of day, follow the link below or click on the flyer on the homepage!


Stefan Von Glahn of Hoeren FM, Germany ran a competition to win a copy of my live DVD as part of the launch of his brand new show. There was a lot of demand (I was so flattered!) and the winner was a lovely lady with great hair called Conny Wischhusen from Bremerhaven. She messaged me to say she loves it and I'm so pleased! Stefan has been really supportive of my music since we met last year and I really appreciate it! Follow the link to his Facebook page here: He's a lovely guy and very good to me! Go to my youtube channel or click on "Videos" in the navigation bar to see footage from my DVD and to see me performing live with various artists.


An article has been written on me by Godfrey Fletcher of Neo2soul promotions. It's a wonderful blog page as Godfrey is very committed to promoting unsigned acts in The UK as well as internationally. You can check the article out here:


Gosh, that was a lot of news.... I need a coffee! Will write again soon! Mxxx


April 2011


Headlining at The Robin 2!!!!!!!!!

Even better news everyone!!!! Following on from the Sandi Thom support during March, I've been offered a headline slot at The Robin 2 on October the 6th!!!!! Joy!!!! Tickets are £10 in advance, £12 on the door and are already on sale! They can be purchased from The Robin's website, directly from the box office or via I'm very excited, I know the guys are going to play amazingly and it'll be a great night!!!! I hope to see you there!! Me'sha xxx


Tel: 01902 401 211 - The Robin 2's box office - The Robin's site -


Two songs from The Robin gig on March 27th - "Where Do We Go?" and "Come Back To Me" - are now live on my youtube channel so feel free to check them out! Mxxx


March 2011


Supporting Sandi Thom at The Robin 2!!!

Great news everyone! I've just been confirmed as the support act for Sandi Thom at The Robin 2, Wolverhampton on the 27th of this month!!! Joy! My band which features Alan Mian (MD, Bass), David Birnie (Electric Guitar), Francesco Mendolia (Drums) and I will be playing a 40 minute set from 8:20 and it will be much fun! The Robin is 5 minutes from where I grew up so am very very pleased to be playing a home gig! Tickets are £12.50 in advance and £15 on the door so get in there quick! For more info on The Robin and Sandi, follow the link!! I hope to see you there! Mxxx


January/February a bit of March 2011



I'm recording my album and planning my mini tour for when it's done. I've had some exciting offers from abroad (excitement!) which I'll tell you about once they're in the bag! Will keep you posted! Mxxx


January 2011


Neo Soul Lounge Article!!

Happy New Year everyone! Following on from the radio play I received in Germany last year, an article has been written on me by Neo Soul Lounge. Check it out here: Xxx


November 2010


Even more radio play! I'm going international!!!

A few of my songs have been played on German radio this month. The director of Radio Weser in Bremerhaven found me online, loved my music and decided to run 2 separate features on me!! Joy! Following on from this, one of the station's hosts has written an article about me which has been published on their website! They say very lovely things! Just hit the translate button if you can't speak German!! Link below! Enjoy! Mxxx


October 2010


"Maybe Today" on BBC WM Introducing!!!

October has been such a great month for me so far and it's getting even better! Last night, October 21st 2010, my track "Maybe Today" was played on BBC WM Introducing!! Joy! My face hurt with the smiling as it was being played by Brett and Louise who loved it and gave me a huge build up beforehand!! I'm very proud and my band sounded rockin!! Thanks guys!! You can listen to the show again on BBC iPlayer! Click on the link below. Xxx


xXxXxXxXxXx Thanks for always pushing me Mom. Love you!!!!! xXxXxXxXxXx   


Later...with Jools Holland

I will be performing backing vocals with 80s legends, Heaven 17 on Later...with Jools Holland this week! The first show will go out live on BBC 2 on Tuesday the 19th of October at 10pm and the pre-recorded show will air on Friday the 22nd at 11:45pm. It'll be my second time on Later... (I performed with Bryan Ferry a few years back. Check out my myspace page for the footage!) and it's a great show! The lineup also features the amazing Herbie Hancock so don't miss it!! For more information on Heaven 17 and Later..., follow these links! Mxxx


Bryan Ferry's "Olympia" Album

I recorded vocals for Bryan Ferry's 13th studio album, "Olympia" earlier this year. It will be released on October the 25th and I'm performing alongside industry greats such as Marcus Miller, my good friend, the late, great David Williams, Nile Rogers, Flea, Brian Eno, Groove Armada, The Scissor Sisters... It was fun and I'm very pleased to have been asked to record for Bryan again. For more info go to his official website or 


Bush Tales - "Queen Of The Buffalo"

I'm a featured vocalist and voiceover artist on the Bush Tales children's story book series. I play Wicked sister 2 in "Queen Of The Buffalo" and as the name suggests, I'm not a very nice person! We recorded at the beautiful Angel Studios, Islington and it was one of the most relaxed sessions I've ever done! The books are great for children and adults alike and the music sounds fantastic! The series can be purchased through iTunes and for full details on the cast and writer, Matthew R. Jameson, go to the official site. Xxx


Recording My Debut Album

I'm currently in the planning stages of recording my 9 track debut album and will keep you posted as to how it's all going! I've found the perfect studio, will go into rehearsals with my band in the next few weeks and I'm very excited!! I'll have some news and updates to share with you all very soon so do keep checking back! Me'sha x


UpRise Festival - October 3rd 2010 - Finsbury Park, London

Rob Hughes and I played the inaugural UpRise Festival on Sunday the 3rd of October. It was an honour to be asked to play as the festival has such a strong message behind it. Despite the rain, Robbie and I had a great time! It did rain most of the day with Rob getting mud up his trousers which he wasn't too happy about (!!) but the sun came out for our set so we were very pleased!

     We played 4 of my original tunes  - Maybe Today, Back To Nowhere, Without You, Arms Wide Open - and Rob got to show off his sax, flute and backing vocal chops! Much fun! For more information on the festival visit its website at and show your support next year! Mxxx