Track Listing


1. Maybe Today

2. Anyway

3. Stupid (featuring Tosh)

4. Come Back To Me

5. Where Do We Go?

6. Without You

7. Arms Wide Open

8. Back To Nowhere

9. Where You Belong


Me'sha - Vocals, acoustic guitar, backing vocals

Alan Mian - Bass, percussion

Dave Birnie - Electric & acoustic guitars

Francesco Mendolia - Drums

Marc Rapson - Keys

Produced by Alan Mian

Mastered by Peter De Girolamo


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I'm so pleased to be sharing "Maybe Today" with you all. I have had the pleasure of working with the most wonderful musicians during the creation of this album who selflessly dedicated their time and talent to recording my music. I am eternally grateful. Some songs, like "Maybe Today" are old favourites, others such as "Anyway" were completed just months ago, some were started in Perth and finished in Sydney whilst I was on tour, others were ideas that came to me via the psychedelic bathroom tiles in a German hotel, some were written on a lovely sunny day in Hammersmith and many were penned in my cute little North London flat curled up next to the living room radiator. I like to sit on the floor. I get that from my Mom and most of my best ideas come to me whilst horizontal or seated on carpet! All of the songs have a story to tell and I hope you enjoy them for years to come. Me'sha x