It's Been A Long Time!!

Hello and sorry!!!

I'm saying hello and apologising as I haven't written for ages! Turns out I had food poisoning for an entire year!! I know you're thinking "Huh? Surely not!?!?" and I say "Yes, indeed!" I felt soooo ill for so long, I was getting bored and started frowning. It made me a little nuts and very very tired so sorry for being rubbish with the blogging. I hope you can forgive me! I went on this amazing machine that was developed by NASA that measures resistance in your body and figures out what's wrong with you as well as recommending ways to sort it out. It discovered the food poisoning as well as everything I'm allergic to along with an ancient ankle injury I picked up playing netball years ago. It's unbelievable! I've been taking supplements, am feeling so much better and sometimes have too much energy again which is nice for me! Not so good for my neighbours! Misery guts next door has moved out by the way. Think my general happiness had something to do with it!! This also means I can scratch him off my New Years' resolutions list from my previous blog as I won't see him again! Hurrah!! Anyway, I still managed to do a few gigs whilst crook and thought I'd give you an update!

If you checked out the "News" page, you would've seen that I performed at "Rietta and Friends" last month. I was seriously on duty that night as I was doing BVs for Rietta, played a couple of my own tunes (Maybe Today and Come Back To Me) and sang a duet with Ri. Non stop!! We had a great time and I met some lovely new people so was very happy! I'll put a link to the duet we performed below so you can check it out!


Walk Away


I've also been in the studio with The Soul Coalition. We had a wonderfully relaxed day of recording and I can't wait to hear the final result! Alan, Dave, Darren and Holger played amazingly as ever and Simon Pratt and his team at Alchemea did a great job of setting up and engineering for us. We were looked ater very well! I'll let you know when the final mixes are done but in the meantime, check out some photos from the day. I'm such a tourist!! Right, I have lots of songs to learn. I must also speak Italian today as I'm very behind in my practice. I will be fluent so I can retire to the hills of Tuscany!! This will be achieved if I don't watch the French Open... Must work!! Ha ha! We'll see! I hope this finds you all well and I will write again soon! Promise. Mxxx