Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Hello everyone!!!

    I hope you're having a lovley, relaxed Christmas. I'm having a great time in The Motherland with my family; chilling out and being silly. The usual. Mom has Sky so I can watch the football and that makes me happy!! Come on The Wolves!!! I haven't eaten too much (Well done me!!) but I did get a little (lot) tipsy on Christmas day (Not very well done me!). I had to go have a lie down... In the middle of the day.... Shame. Back to my Ribena/apple juice drinking self now so it's all good!

     Apologies for not having written for ages. I've been a bit crook and have been singing, singing, singing which is brillant!! Last week I performed on the Coca Cola Christmas Truck tour. The truck looks AMAZING lit up and it was great to look out into the audience and see the joy in everyone's faces, children and adults alike. I was at The O2 for my 2 day stint and met some lovely new people on the gig as well as some crazy Rihanna fans who were on their way to watch her in the arena! I've never had to wear 2 pairs of gloves, 2 jumpers, 2 scarves, my thermal, padded walking socks (Thanks Al! He knows me so well!!) and my coat on a gig before so that was a new experience! Cold, doesn't even come into it! Was fun though! All my bouncing around did help keep my temperature up though! I'll put a video, which was filmed by Derrick who, along with his cute dog, Des, looked after the truck, below so you can check out one of the tunes! I hope you enjoy the rest of the festive season and I will write soon! Promise!!! Mxxx

******* UPDATE!!! *******


Last night when I wrote the above, I was thinking about cake. My Nan (You may remember her whooping and hollering at the end of the video for "Anyway"!?) makes the tastiest cake in the world called "Rub Up". I have it warm with vanilla ice cream. Mmmmmm..... It's really really good. If you had some, you'd be silenced with shock. Anyway, as I was thinking about cake whilst watching football - bad combination, I wasn't fully giving you the love you deserve so am back for more! I'm writing this on my bed, listening to some great music (Weather Report, Yellowjackets and Zakir Hussain. Al hooked me up!! :-D) and looking out at the beautiful blue skies of Wolverhampton. It's nice to be home and still. The air is different up here. It's nice to breathe it in. We are surrounded by fields so that helps! Big change from my main road and telephone box view in London!


I love my family very much. They're good people and we're all very silly so it's always fun being with them! Off to visit my brother, Stefan later so his 8 month old son can dribble on me then try to eat my face. Cute! It's amazing how quickly a week can go by. Back to work soon but it's been a nice break and I've enjoyed every second! I hope you're having a good time too! :-) Right, have to go eat now before I fall over!! Eating before 2pm will be one of my New Year's resolutions for 2012!! Will write soon! Mxxx