Good evening everyone!!

I am especially happy today! No particular reason. Just happy to be here! I've been learning Chicane tunes in Highbury Fields - which is so beautiful no matter the time of year - today. The sun was shining, the sky was blue and there was the cutest little girl who couldn't decide if sitting on her tricycle, holding onto her Dad or staring at me was top of the agenda so she did all 3! Very sweet! Then I went and bought yoghurt so all is well in the world! I love a yoghurt! Dr. Oetker's Mango, Papaya, Passion Fruit Biopot... Mmmmm.....


I've been doing a lot of varied things of late and wont bore you with it all but: I did a session completely in Spanish for an Italian/South American artist. I had no idea what I was singing - something about clouds and love - but it was much fun! I'd never been to Cream studios before and didn't realise what a long walk it was from the station. I met a lovely old lady at the bus stop who told me I'd just missed the only bus that goes that way (Typical!) and that I had a bit of a walk or 20 mins to wait. I decided to walk and then had to wave at her on her bus for half of its route. I miss her... Got there in the end and can now put "vocals in several languages (as long as I can learn whatever you want phonetically!)" on my CV!


My headline gig at The Robin 2 was AMAZING! The guys did a fantastic job and I'm very grateful to my Mom for all the hard work she put into promoting it. A huge shout out goes to Richie Patterson who stepped into the drum chair with less than a week to go! He did brilliantly and I'm eternally grateful to him for his professionalism, learning the tunes like a demon and for his cheery disposition in the van! I've uploaded "Anyway" onto youtube. Rick plays a great solo after my newly written (Sorry Al!) bridge so even if you don't give 2 hoots about me, you should go check him out! I'll be uploading more tunes in the near future and will let you know when they're live! I was so hot on the gig and my Nan (who you can hear whooping and hollering on the footage!) telling me to tell the venue to get me a fan mid gig was a personal highlight! Felt like I was at a bashment at times and it was great! Love my people!! ANYWAY


I did a wonderful covers gig in East London that finished so early I didn't know what to do with myself! Think I was home in my bed socks at 10 or something which is so weird. 1 set??? I'm so used to the lateness, I was ready to go do another gig! The tunes were more pop/rock so it was a nice change up for me with lots to learn. As you know, I'm a geek so was loving that! Can't get used to those short gigs though. I didn't even break a sweat and you know that ain't right!!


The Soul Coalition did a WICKED gig at Shepherd's Bush Empire for ICMP on Sunday. Alan had put me under house arrest 3 days prior to the gig as I'd had my travel vaccinations for India and was coming down with a bit of a cold. He calls me a gallivanter which is completely unfounded and I take great umbrage with that statement but I did stay in as my glands were up, I sneezed once and I couldn't let the guys down. There are some great shots online of us doing our thing so go check them out! Everyone was buzzing afterwards and despite having torn a hole in my brand new tights and having to deal with the worst, ignoring his satnav, getting lost, not helping me with my bag taxi driver EVER, I smiled all the way home. We hope to catch you at a gig sometime soon! Keep checking my "Gigs" page for upcoming shows! THE SOUL COALITION


My Mom came down to visit me yesterday and she's the best! So funny without even trying and loving and giving and gorgeous... She brought me a heater - it can get a little breezy in my flat!, food of course and then called me marga!! We had fun! She had to get back to Wolves but my toes are now very toasty!! Thanks Mom! All in all, a good few weeks! I'm off to cook corn on the cob now and learn some more tunes! If I'm not singing, I'm learning! That's probably why I can't remember anyone's name!  My brain is full of lyrics and song forms! Sorry if you're one of those people! I'm working on it! I will write again soon and not leave it so long next time! I'm rubbish I know! Mxxx