Thank you!!!

Thanks so much to everyone who came to support me and the boys at The Robin 2 on March the 27th. I really appreciate it! We had a great time, the new tunes "Come Back To Me" and "Where Do We Go?" went down really well and it was lovely to look out into the audience and see some familiar and lots of brand new faces!! 

    For those who couldn't make it, I'll be posting videos (filmed by my lovely brothers!) to youtube in the very near future so you can take a look and for those who did make it, you can re-live the joyousness again and again! The guys played so fantastically, I couldn't stop smiling! We didn't manage to get a full band rehearsal before the gig and they still destroyed it! Extra props go out to Francesco who's never played with us before and you never would've known it. He did great!

    It was brilliant to play a home gig and I'd like to thank my family for all their support! Happily, we've been offered a headline slot at The Robin 2 towards the end of the year so watch this space for updates on that!!! Recording is kind of slow but we're getting there. We hope to have the album done by summer and then we can have a huge launch party. Any excuse for a dance eh!!!? Will write soon! Me'sha xxx