Writing!! Recording!! Nervous. Excited!!!

Hello everyone!

     I am writing this, watching the athletics and writing a new tune. I'm actually writing 2 at the same time which I started a few days ago. Currently stuck on the bridge. For both... Maybe I've split my song writing powers right down the middle by doing 2 simultaneously and am stuck in limbo forever? I doubt it.

     In true Me'sha fashion, one is upbeat, the other is miserable. Played what I've done so far to Al and he likes them so it's all good! I tend to procrastinate when writing is going well as I don't want the next line I write to be lame, cheesy, trite, obvious and generally ruin it. Washing up is a personal procrastination favourite along with making sure the living room curtains aren't crumpled... On the flip side, when it's going badly, I do my Alexander technique and watch a DVD with a cup of Ribena. It doesn't help the block but it makes me feel better! I will resume in a moment. Once I've emptied the bins...

     In terms of recording my album, I've managed to secure a fantastic line-up including a wonderful collection of drummers. Oh drummers!!!!! Guides start going down tomorrow and I'm excited and nervous about it all at the same time! Will be fun! Time to focus and and stop watching sport on TV! So long! Mxxx


A few hours later.....

     Songs all done! I did procrastinate AMAZINGLY even for me but finally got the job done. Smug mode. I now have too many songs for the album as I only want 9 tracks. I suppose that's a good problem to have though! Recording starts tomorrow after Al and I have watched Andy Murray win The Australian Open... Fingers crossed!! Byeeee!! Xxx  ps I never did get round to emptying the bins. I'll do it tomorrow....x