Merry Christmas!!!!

Merry Christmas everyone!!! 

    I hope you're all enjoying the festive season!!! I'm back in the Motherland and having much fun with my family!!! Naturally, I packed waaaaay too much stuff (including Bambi, presents, my huge handbag which didn't look that big in the shop... and a few pairs of shoes....) but my lovely brother, Stefan was a gent and carried it from the station, to his car, out of the car (where it fell over cos it's a tad front heavy..!!) into Mom's and up the stairs for me. Bless him. He's very strong!!! He did have a small lie down afterwards but I reckon that was due to the epic journey we had from down South...

    I haven't eaten too much which is good and I've played "Let's roll the lip balm along the table and catch it with the Mr Men DVDs that Aunty Me'sha bought me" with my 1 year old niece. Very cute!! She got lots of Christmas presents but my Body Shop Passionberry lip balm was the highlight! Children.

   Writing this and channel surfing with Mom. We're watching US Open Classics and Spartacus at the same time. The words "Is that soup or shit?", were just uttered in reference to someone being drowned in brown stuff by Kirk Douglas!! She is HILARIOUS! Love my Mom!!

   Right, before the rambling begins, I will sign off. For some reason, I feel like blogs have to be some kind of epic masterpiece. This is not the case my friends! I just wanted to say hi and Merry Christmas! Also, I need a coffee. I hope you're all well and that you're wrapped up warm. It's minus 11 in The Midlands! My back doesn't like it. Will write soon! Mxxx