Hello everyone!

   Welcome to my blog! I will endeavour to be interesting... I'm writing this in my living room whilst watching the snooker (I'm a boy!) and wearing a jumper that Noodles gave to me. Think he wants it back now though. It fits beautifully! It is very chilly and my toes do not enjoy it but I am from The Midlands and have experienced much more severe weather conditions than this in my time so will struggle on! The fact that I'm only 120 miles South of Wolverhampton is neither here nor there. It's cold up North!

   I just read in the asos magazine (being a regular Premier shopper, I get it in the post for free!! Is that something to be proud of? I haven't decided yet.) that having a gap in your teeth is fashionable!!?? The world has finally come round to my way of thinking. I'm not sure about all those people who go to the dentist to create a gap in their teeth in order to follow said fashion though. That's a bit too far! Victims!! What will they do when gaps are no longer in fashion?? Cry. That's what.

     I love the gap (or diastema!) in my teeth. Strangers often come up to me and tell me that I'm either going to make a lot of money - still waiting for that one. The money must be lost somewhere in the ether! - or that I'm a little bit randy... Frankly, since they're strangers, I find this a terribly rude thing to say on first meeting. You can't assume that from looking at my teeth! Besides, I'm a good girl!

   The asos article said "The gap tooth girls all share the sexist "flaw"." Naturally. I would like to thank my parents. They both have small gaps and mine is huge but I don't mind it! Oh, apart from when idiot people come up to me and ask if I've lost a tooth......????? "Yes, I was born with one extra tooth which, on discovering it was surplus to requirements, gallantly wiggled its way out of my mouth, making sure to look back and check everything was symmetrical, leaving me with an unfortunate gap in my teeth..." Doofuses. The only problems arise when I eat something hot and I burn my gap - pain like you wouldn't believe! - or when you're 12 and you're bored in maths at school and you get your pen stuck in it. For real. I nearly had to call for assistance. Biting into apples is a joy as you can clearly see the shape of my teeth which obviously has to be shown to the nearest person to me. That's usually Alan. He loves it...!

     Speaking of Alan, I'll be going into rehearsals with the boys this Thursday in preparation for the album recording!! I'm excited but scared all at the same time! Rehearsals are fun!! I bring cheese puffs, Darren brings half his fridge, Dave brings a million pedals and Al always lends me his good lead, bless him. They're all such lovely people. It's like we're just hanging out and then we happen to break out into song every now and then! The new tunes, "Come Back To Me" and Where Do We Go?", are sounding great and I can't wait to get started! I will let you know how we get on.

    Right, I have to go and cook. I can't live off cereal, yoghurt and Ribena for the rest of my days! I hope you're all having a nice, restful Sunday! Will write soon! Me'sha xxx