Vocal Masterclass

My vocal coaching experience extends from one to one lessons, through to university lecturing, maintaining the vocal technique of principal actors on West End shows, warming up and coaching artists signed to major labels through recording sessions to coaching on TV's most popular talent shows including The Voice, The Voice Kids, Change Your Tune and Little Mix: The Search. My classes are open to anyone aged 16 and above who wishes to gain more confidence on stage through improving their vocal technique, body use and stage craft. For booking and more information, feel free to get in touch via the Contact Page. Mxxx

What To Expect:

* Group vocal warm up: Stretching, relaxation, breath control, support, basic harmony, dynamics, blend, primary vowels, scales, range extension...

* Body use: Re-learning what we instinctively knew as infants, alignment, hinging, balance, posture, anchoring along with Alexander Technique...

* Stage craft: What kind of image do we want to portray to an audience? How do you enter the stage? How do you engage with an audience and keep them captivated for an entire performance? How do you discover your individual performance style? How to become so comfortable on stage that the only thing you have to think about pre-gig is what shoes to wear!

* Performance to backing tracks of your choice: Mic and PA provided. You'll receive feedback on your all round performance with tips on how to improve.

* Warm down and more relaxation.

* Q & A


"Me’sha Bryan gave me private singing lessons for about six months. During these lessons she taught me a lot of different techniques and how to sing and perform better in contemporary music. Being a contemporary singer herself, she has a lot of experience to share. Also she is a very lovely person, always with this big, warm smile that relaxes you. At the same time this makes it easier to perform your best. She is very disciplined, efficient, creative and gives you honest feedback. This is extremely helpful and absolutely necessary to be able to improve. I will highly recommend Me’sha in tutoring anyone that wants to take their singing further. I always looked forward to these lessons with great expectation and it was probably what gave me the most out of my year in London." - M. Maeland (International Vocal Student), Norway




"Not only is Me'sha extremely talented, but she is also dedicated to her students' development. Her bubbly personality and knowledge make her a great vocal teacher. I would recommend her to anyone looking to improve their singing and have fun at the same time!" - P. Richards, Guildford




"I have had the honour and pleasure of studying voice (over Zoom) with Me'sha Bryan for the past 10 months. I am so grateful to Me'sha for having the patience to work with me! I am a professional musician, but despite performing and recording as a pianist and singer for many years, I never had the confidence in my voice which I enjoy as a pianist.


I had several incorrect habits (as I imagine many adult students have) but Me'sha patiently worked with me to correct each one. I have improved SO MUCH since studying with her: I sing in a more relaxed manner, I can now sing songs easily which were difficult for me before, my technique has improved, all through Me'sha's thorough teaching methods.


It must also be mentioned that Me'sha is a wonderful, warm hearted, delightful person. She is always upbeat, always encouraging (even though she is a stickler for details!). We laugh every lesson, even when I am struggling with something. I am so grateful to study with Me'sha, and highly recommend her as a teacher and coach." - D. Potter Voegtlin (International student, USA and bandleader of Potter's Daughter)


"You really are the best teacher that I have ever had! You know what you're talking about, you're encouraging but firm and I feel motivated to work. Your level of experience is amazing. You don't make me feel small or out of place at all. You're lucky to be an all rounder Me'sha: talented and really nice. That's hard to find. Thanks for being my coach. Xxx" - N. Okoye, London




"As a songwriter and vocal producer, it is very important to know how to communicate psychologically and technically with the artists when recording. Me'sha gave me the technical tools ;)" - T. Volmer Schulz, Denmark




"Me'sha Bryan is an exceptional teacher. A complete master of vocal technique. But what sets her apart is her empathy and her complete belief in her students. Me'sha got me singing notes I never knew I could reach because she makes it fun" - C. Walker (Writer, actor, director), London




"Me'sha, you're a force of nature!" - Richard Smith. (L.A. session guitarist, solo recording artist and professor of contemporary music at The University of Southern California)